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Window & Glass Protection

Omniguard peelable protection films developed and manufactured by Hevadex.
This spray on state of the art polymer technology protects your windows and glass until the end of the construction work.

Protects against scratches or damage caused by grind splatter and other pollutions caused during construction such as pebble dash, plaster or paint. It is easy to apply to the window and dries quickly. At the end of the construction Omniguard is both quick and easy to remove for damage and scratch free windows, glass and window frames.

Omniguard is translucent after drying allowing daylight inside. Both your windows and architectural details are protected until the end of the project.

The windows of your new or renovated commercial office, shop, or home will be a permanent feature for years to come so it is important that they are protected from the beginning of the construction phase.

Damaged or scratched window frames or glass can be inconvenient and costly to repair or replace. So with this in mind Omniguard peelable Window and Glass Protection should be a standard part of any construction project.

Onsite technical sales support or approved applicator installation available.