Are you looking for something a little different ? Then consider Larkin Aluminium’s modern Aluminium windows and doors.

We offer a bespoke solution for your glazing requirements, with a choice of ST70+ or ST90 Aluminium systems, double or triple glazed, with a u-value as low as 0.48W/m²K.

With their sleek, crisp lines and a choice of hundreds of colours, manufactured by ourselves and installed by ourselves to ensure a professional approach from start to finish, choose aluminium windows and doors to stand out from the norm.

The ST high performing window system, incorporates a wide variety of types and styles to meet all project requirements, such as tilt and turn, casement, beaded in – open out, hopper style or parallel sash, all with multipoint locking facilities for added security.

ST70 concealed sash

ST70 Concealed Sash Window

The ST70 Concealed Sash window has a slim design, with a surface of only 66mm from the exterior. The slim profile provides the interior of the building with a substantial increase in luminosity. Acoustically this system has an increased level of sound insulation with the possibility of installing high-performance units of up to 40mm.

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st70 outward opening casement window

ST70 Hi Concealed Sash Window

The ST70 Hi window system is a cost-efficient, thermally enhanced window, designed with closed cell and solid insulations. This combination creates a strong thermal barrier to heat loss, producing a whole window Uw value as low as 0.97W/m²K. Along with its thermal performance, the ST70 HI’s strong aluminium frame and flexible design make it the perfect solution for apartments, student accommodations, hotel developments and schools.

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st90 outward opening casement window

ST90 Concealed Sash Window

The eco-friendly ST90 window system is the ultimate in thermal performance. It has been specifically designed to meet the ever-increasing thermal efficiencies required by architects, design teams and their clients, offering a whole window Uw value as low as 0.48 W/m2K. The eco-friendly tag placed on the ST90 window system is derived from the use of recycled aluminium and polyamides during the manufacturing process. The ST90 is the ideal solution for architects and designers who prioritise the protection of our environment.

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Life Enhancing Window

Life Enhancing Window

The Life Enhancing Window was designed to make it easier for people with limited mobility to live independently in their home for longer. By positioning the handle at the bottom of the window, this turn and tilt system gives people with limited mobility continuous access to the handle, allowing them to open and close the window with minimal effort.

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Window Profile

ST Window Systems

The ST High performing window system incorporates a variety of styles incl. tilt & turn, casement, bead in open out, hopper and parallel. Each system has the same sight lines and dimensions and comes with multipoint locking facilities for added security. Depending on the chosen system, the glazing aperture can vary from 28mm – 52mm, allowing a choice of infill panels to suit thermal and acoustic performance requirements.

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